Our Story

Joe and Tiff met in 2009 when their eyes locked over a pool table at a hotel lounge. Tiff noticed him right away — he was terribly handsome and wearing suspenders and a hat. He sat in a chair in the corner of the small room to await his turn at the table, and Tiff was finishing up a game. When she beat her opponent, she glanced up at Joe and asked “Are you up next?” He responded, “Yep. I want to see what you’ve got.”

Thirty minutes after she met Joe Clark, Tiff — emboldened by a couple of cocktails — kissed him. They can never agree on who won the pool game, but a spark was ignited that never went out.

It may have been love at first sight (is there any other kind of love?), because as they went separately along their life journeys, they never stopped thinking about each other, keeping in touch via social media and text. Eventually, they found themselves chatting more and more frequently about politics, books, social issues, and writing. They finally got together for a real date — and they had an amazing time. The next weekend was Valentine’s Day, and they got together again. And again. And again.

Two introverts who each found their best friend in the other, Joe and Tiff work side-by-side as professional writers, raising a teenager, loving 10 cats, traveling whenever they can, and of course, reading. They can’t imagine life any other way.