“On the Road that I have taken, one day walking I awaken, amazed to see where I’ve come, where I’m going, where I’m from.”
Dean Koontz, The Book Of Counted Sorrows


The Hidden Little Chapel
3909 Casa Ridge Drive
Mesquite, Texas 75150


The GPS tool on your smartphone will help you find the best route. For your convenience, here are basic directions from both the East and the West.

Guests coming from the East (Kaufman or Terrell):

We suggest you follow Town East Blvd. to Casa Ridge Drive (see map on page nine or Google maps).

1. Get on 175 W from 243 W
2. Follow 175 W and I-635 N to I-635 Service Rd/LBJ Fwy in Mesquite
3. Take exit 7 (Town East Blvd) from I-635 N
4. Turn left and follow Town East Blvd. to Casa Ridge Dr.

Guests coming from the West (Arlington/Fort Worth):

1. Get on I-30 E from S. Cooper St.
2. Follow I-30 E to I-30 Frontage Rd. in Mesquite.
3. Take exit 56A from I-30 E
4. Continue on I-30 Frontage Rd. Drive to Casa Ridge Dr.

An alternative route if you want to avoid I-30 East is to take I-20 to 635, then exit Town East Blvd. and follow Town East to Casa Ridge Drive.


“Not all who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkein, The Lord of the Rings