We (Joe and Tiff) will be dressed in wedding attire commonly seen in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the periods known as the Victorian Era and Edwardian Era. Many of their favorite television programs are set in this time period and they love all things vintage. Think Downton Abbey and The Paradise, with a little Penny Dreadful thrown in. Steampunk and Gothic, anyone?

We would LOVE it if you would join us in our little quasi-cosplay, but above all, we want our guests to feel free to dress in vintage styles, or however they want to dress. The wedding colors are Tiffany Blue and black with a little eggplant (purple) as accents.

Above all, be comfortable! Wear jeans if you want, or shorts. Or swimsuits (OK not that). We want you to have FUN and be comfortable.